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Userfriendly AJAX based Webaccess
Zarafa provides full functionality webaccess completely in the Outlook "Look & Feel". It includes access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, shared folders and Public Folders. The AJAX implementation with drag & drop support is used be competitive with desktop email applications.

Support for all Outlook versions
The Zarafa architecture is completely based on the mapi standard to have the most stabile Outlook integration. All Outlook version from 2000 to the latest 2007 are fully supported. Via the offline caching mode users can also access their email when they are out of the office. All Outlook communication go over a secure HTTP connection.

Wide range of mobility support
Zarafa supports via the opensource Z-Push project all Activesync compatible devices. For more information, see the Mobility section.

Active Directory / LDAP integration
Zarafa can be coupled in existing Active Directory or LDAP based environments. Zarafa will automatically import all your users into the Zarafa database. New users are real-time synchronised to the Zarafa database. Via an additional schema attributes like quota and aliases can be configured.

POP3 / IMAP support
Via the POP3 / IMAP gateway you can always retrieve your email from the Zarafa database. Users working with POP3 or IMAP clients like Thunderbird can therefore use the same mail store as your Outlook users, ensuring that e-mails are never stored twice and that everything is always in-sync.

Advanced database storage
To make the sharing of all the information possible, everything is stored in an opensource MySQL database. The storage of attachments can be done on the filesystem to keep your database smaller and faster.

Single Sign On
Via the Single Sign On ntlm authentication your domain logon credentials will be used to login your Outlook client.

Brick level backup
Via Zarafa Brick level backup you can make backups of individual mailboxes. Via the Zarafa-restore tool it easy to restore a single item, folder or even a complete mailbox. The Brick level backup can also be used for Public Folders.



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