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The Zarafa commercial version are available in three different versions. See the editions table for all features in the different versions. Below you can find the prices of the different versions. Calculate directly the license price with the license calculator.

   Standard  Professional  Enterprise
Price 1st year 150 euro +
30 euro / user

28 euro
/ user

Contact sales
Price maintenance / subscription (2nd or 3rd year) 30 euro +
6 euro / user
28 euro
/ user
Volume discounts    
 > 100 users -5% -5%
 > 250 users -10% -10%
 > 1000 users -15% -15%
 > 5000 users Contact sales Contact sales


All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Both the Professional and Enterprise version are available in the month January.

All editions can be ordered per 5 users. The Professional and Enterprise version can only be ordered above 20 users.


There are discounts available for public sector and education. On the professional and enterprise versions the public sector and educational discount are applicable each year. On the standard version this discount only applies on the first year.

Public sector: 25% reduction (including city councils, governments)


  • <50 users:   25% reduction
  • >50 users:   50% reduction
  • >100 users: 75% reduction

For more information about pricing, please contact our sales department or +31 15 251 7715.


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