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To extend and integrate Zarafa groupware solution with other applications, Zarafa provides several programming interfaces and frameworks for developers: * Zarafa php-mapi inteface See here the technical description. * Zarafa C++ application interface Download the Zarafa source code for the headers files. * Z-Merge replication framework Zarafa Z-Merge Replication is a framework which allows you to connect your Zarafa server with any other system dealing with the similar kind of information. Using Z-Merge all changes on the systems are propagated to all connected servers in realtime. That way you have the same data available on every system at any moment. Right now Z-Merge supports: tasks, calendars and contacts. More.. * Z-Merge plugin framework registering and managing Webaccess plugins. The Zarafa Webaccess plugin system is aimed to allow developers to add functionality to the Zarafa webaccess, while not requiring them to modify existing system files inside the core of the Zarafa WebAccess software. More.. See here an overview of applications that are already integrated with Zarafa.


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