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WebApp and its plug-ins are the communication platform of the future. User-friendly groupware is available via the browser and expanded with chat, presence, web meetings and other features.

Zarafa WebApp

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Zarafa is a collaboration platform that offers integration with existing mail clients and mobile devices. It also offers its own web-based client. The introduction of WebApp is a milestone for Zarafa because the browser-based collaboration client goes beyond Outlook. This next-generation client includes multi-user weekly calendaring and advanced delegation via the browser.

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  • Enterprise features integrated in a web client
    An intuitive "look & feel" with delegation options that set WebApp apart from other web-enabled clients. Work via the browser anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  • Better and faster collaboration due to transparent interface
    Organizations benefit from user-friendliness and smart integration. This enables users to collaborate and communicate with only one application.
  • Lower TCO
    Working from the browser reduces maintenance costs immediately. The total number of support tickets will drop due to easier IT administration.
  • Facilitate effective communication
    Users can convert email threads to their preferred communication channel depending on time, priority and personal preferences. This will increase the number of interactions and empower knowledge sharing.

Key features

Zarafa WebApp


  1. Shared folders and calendar overlay support
    The calendar provides multi-user weekly calendaring and advanced delegation. Secretaries and management benefit from delegation and sharing options that set WebApp apart from other web-enabled clients.
  2. Fast user interface and loading time
    Thanks to smart caching and HTML5, the experience is akin to a fat client. The heavier processing of index results and searches is done by the backend.
  3. Efficient user context actions
    WebApp’s interface is designed with 'frequently used features' that are instantly available and located exactly where the user expects them to be.
  4. Plug-ins like chat and web meetings
    WebApp and its plug-ins deliver smooth integration with other communication applications. Plug-ins vary from chat and web meetings to social media expansions like Facebook and Google+.

What's new in WebApp 1.4

This latest release of WebApp focuses on effectivity increase. Several new additions to Zarafa’s enterprise web client push efficiency. And the overall interaction between WebApp and the desktop is extended and enables users to use WebApp next to traditional desktop applications such as Windows Explorer.

The following new features are present in WebApp 1.4:

  • Soft-delete restore: now you will be able to restore your items already emptied trashcan (up to the auto purge date).
  • Keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts are implemented to compose a new message or send a reply.
    Please note that this part is not completely finished. While implementing the controls we got stuck on browsers, the variation in keyboards over countries and different OS's. Feedback is highly appreciated!
  • Auto save: drafts are saved in the background.
  • Message in message: attach older items like mails, contacts and appointments to emails.
  • Addressbook configurable: use other addressbooks than the global addressbook as default.
  • Font improvements: less unexpected font changes.
  • Webodf preview: view ODF files attached to emails in the browser.

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Collaboration plug-ins catalysed by open innovation

The computer might evolve into nothing more than a terminal to your online applications and operating system.

WebApp is an expansion platform for plug-ins. The underlying WebApp platform enables developers to develop plug-ins after only one hour of web training. Therefore, organizations that use WebApp will benefit from a rapid feature sequence from user-driven innovations. Open Source in combination with Zarafa's inclusion in many distributions empowers the WebApp platform to be one of the leading collaboration platforms in the world. Users already benefit from Facebook and Google+ plug-ins and an attachment preview option developed via open innovation.


WebApp 1.4 requirements

  • Zarafa version: From ZCP 7.0.14 or 7.1.5 and higher.

More information

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